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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our spring repair services are essential as much as garage door springs are to garage systems

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Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

We solve cables and tracks problems with fast same day services

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Need the perfect glass garage door service? Contact our company

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Power to repair all garage door damages regardless of the brand

Browse our website and discover the best tips to keep your garage door stable.

How to make the track noise go away

Garage door tracks are usually noisy when they are dented. In this case, the rollers would bump on the dents producing a loud noise. The noise can also be a result of lack of lubrication maintenance. Don't forget that both garage door rollers and tracks are made of steel and need lubricants.

Get galvanized tracks

Lately, manufacturers produce galvanized garage door tracks, which don't corrode over the years. The experts of our service company in Houston would recommend getting galvanized ones to avoid paying for rusty track replacement in a few years. They are a bit more expensive but you will save money in the long run since you won't deal with rust problems.

Stick with r-8 energy efficiency

When you get insulated garage doors, know that r-16 will not offer double energy efficiency from r-8 garage doors. The r-value determines the thermal insulation of objects and garage doors in average climates will need approximately r-8. The higher, the better but you must not expect that the insulation will be much higher as the number increases. It will be slightly higher but not with mathematical precision.

Garage door seal maintenance during winter

Always clear the bottom of the garage door seal by sweeping the snow. Use sufficient amount of table salt and apply it on the seal to avoid it from freezing. Place the container of your salt close to the door so you will not forget to use it regularly.

Make your garage doors ready for summer vacation

As summer vacation rolls in, expect children to be in and out of the garage all the time. To keep them safe, make sure that your garage doors are ready for them. Inspect your unit for its functionality and security and establish the safety rules for using them.

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