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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our spring repair services are essential as much as garage door springs are to garage systems

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Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

We solve cables and tracks problems with fast same day services

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

Need the perfect glass garage door service? Contact our company

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Garage Door Repair Houston

Call Us Now  713-300-2449

Welcome to our company Garage Door Repair Houston

Welcome to the team that is prepared to deliver garage door repair services. Our commitment to outcomes means that we have faithfully served the people of Texas. You can order a package that is right for your needs now.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: N Shepherd Dr
Houston, Texas
Zip code: 77008
Phone: 713-300-2449

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
A highly regarded and efficient local service provider for the repair, replacement and installation of any type of garage door.

Garage Door Adjustment, Maintenance, Repair & Lubrication in Houston TX

When Garage Door Repair Houston opens its doors and embraces your problems, a new day is dawning for you. With our experience, the capacity of our teams to fix issues properly, our state of the art equipment, and great organization, today can be the first day you will starts enjoying exceptional garage door systems. We are proud of our teams, which bond perfectly with each other and share the common dream of a world free of garage door problems. We let our experience become our teacher without underestimating the importance of our continuous training. The combination of expertise, exceptional knowledge, and good spirit to provide assistance is what makes our company number one in Texas.

Garage Door Repair Services

We are driven by your needs and get inspired by new technologies. This is a dynamic combination, which keeps us going. Our main job is to provide garage door services in order to solve problems. This way, your garage door will remain strong for years to come and will withstand bad weather, repeated daily cycles, and attempted break-ins. Our intention is to eliminate issues, which can become threats to your own safety. Everything is possible when there is good will, expert teams and good tools. We really have what it takes to make your garage a safe place.Garage Door Repair Houston, TX

  • Expertise after years of hard training, which is still our main obligation since new products come out and we are obliged to know their peculiarities and requirements
  • Experience after working years in this field and having serviced thousands of garage door systems
  • Knowledge since we get updated with the latest products of all manufacturers

We know our business well and that's why we can guarantee exceptional garage door repairs. Our trained repairmen are experts in all repair services and they also have a deep sense of high responsibility towards each client. We don't merely fix garage spring problems but lean over each issue with devotion. Imagine all this power, which comes from our technicians and resources, gathered in your garage. Our power comes from within us and from our excellent infrastructures and helps us deal with any potential problem.

We address the most pressing and odd challenges with professionalism, seriousness, and expertise. Our emergency crews stand by for any unexpected issue that can keep you from entering or exiting your garage. We handle problems, which might become a threat to one's safety and make sure your overhead door is functional, stable and safe. Our teams are the solution to problems, which pop up at the most awkward hours, and you can be sure that our response time is fast.

We are professional teams with the common passion to make an impact in your lives. When it comes to technical work, we are simply the best because we are properly trained and fully devoted to our profession but also to the needs of each client. We prevail in our work because we have learned to listen to the client but also provide our own suggestions based on a combination of our knowledge and your needs. Our expertise makes us better professionals and our training feeds our appetite to keep developing along with technology and garage door systems. Such excellent grounds allow us to take care of any problem and also provide great consultation to our customers. We know the little secrets of our job that only good and devoted professionals would know and we are always ready to share them with you.

  • Garage door openers and remotes operating with rolling codes are always the best since they can provide enhanced safety
  • Openers manufactured prior to 1993 ought to be replaced since they don't have the necessary safety sensors
  • It's wise to change the codes of the keypads regularly to be sure of your home security
  • Insulated garage doors cost more but they will help you save energy in the long run
  • It's best to invest in low gauge steel materials especially if you must have a very strong garage door, which can withstand force
  • It's prudent to invest in backup batteries in order to enjoy your automatic garage door during power failure but never ignore to take care of the release cord

Our tips intend to enhance your safety and make your life easier. Our company stands out due to its ability to handle issues but also due to its true care towards each customer. We give you advice but we're always ready to put theory into action. Our basic job is to repair garage door parts and panels, replace them when they're damaged and install  new ones. At the same time, we're here to assist you in any other way.

  • Rely on us when you need clicker reprogramming
  • Call our company when you need someone to show you how the emergency release rope works
  • We will be there to measure your garage before garage door replacement but also components
  • We can explain the importance of r-value when you are interested for insulated garage doors and present you with options
  • We can order repair parts, sections of the existing panel or a brand new door

Finding solutions to every garage door problem is our specialty. Will you know what to do when the overhead door keeps reversing? Do you know why parts become noisy? Often, our customers ask why their door doesn't close well! Such problems might seem impossible for you and it is our job to see that they're solved properly. Lack of lubrication maintenance is the most possible reason for noisy doors. When the rollers find obstructions in their way up and down the tracks, they will stop or become noisy. When the beams sense an obstacle in the way of the door, they will reverse the door's movement. When the springs are damaged or the limit switch is not set right in the main opener unit, the door might not close properly.

Garage Door Lubrication, Repair, Adjustment & Replacement

Do you have similar problems? Why don't you call our Garage Door Repair company in Houston? People usually react in three different ways.

  • They either ignore such problems and deal with the consequences later
  • They believe that such problems cannot be solved easily and wait till they can afford the replacement of the damaged parts
  • They think garage door repairs are easy and attempt fixing problems alone

Not one of these three reactions is the right one. It's helpful to remember that all problems have solutions. Our technicians are trained to deal with such issues and carry the right tools in order to repair parts right away. Nothing is impossible! Not all damaged parts need replacement. Some problems can be repaired but then again the cost of replacing parts is not unreasonable and cannot be measured with the terrible repercussions resulting from malfunctioning components. It's also our obligation to inform our clients of the dangers of garage doors. Fixing problems on your own is never a good idea. The heavy weight of the door in combination with the risks of a snapping cable or a spring can only lead to accidents.

We have multiple teams to take care of the repair services at all times. Why take risks when the solution is only two streets away? We know perfectly well that all components will wear over time. Metal erodes and electric systems might fail to work properly. They need adjustments and repairs. They need replacement if they are totally worn, lubrication or tightening. When you trust our maintenance service, you can be sure that your garage door will work as it is expected. It must operate with the perfection of a Switch clock. Anything less will compromise your safety.

We inspire confidence because we own the right means and have the knowhow to fix garage doors properly. Do you need garage door installation? Are you in need of good professionals to fix opener issues? Every need is covered perfectly well, fast and efficiently by our teams. Our excellence is not only the result of our experience but also of our concentration, knowledge and dedication. We are diligent, thorough and serious technicians and our only intention is to focus on the imminent problem and provide an immediate solution, which will last and ensure excellent garage door operation and safety. Discover our services and forget about problems once and for all.

  • Do you need repairs? Count on our expert teams for all your needs. We repair all components of every garage system. We use the right tools, come well-equipped and we'll be there for your emergency needs.
  • Are you planning to replace the existing garage door? Trust our company for the service and let our staff help you make the right decision. Selecting a new garage door can be tricky. There are several materials, door types and styles and certainly aesthetics might be important but they must not monopolize your decision. We help you choose wisely and in regard to your needs. This is the perfect time when security and safety can meet and triumph through your good selection with our assistance
  • Do you want maintenance service? We are the best! We are meticulous, persistent, dedicated, and excel in troubleshooting. Such traits make us perfect for your annual service, which will ensure that all components work at their very best, the door is balanced and moves very smoothly, and the electric system can guarantee your safety

Fast Garage Door Opener Repair & Broken Spring Replacement in Houston

Nothing can compare with the professionalism of our technicians, who are loyal to their promises and beliefs. What are our beliefs? Garage doors must operate perfectly. They must open and close all the way and must have the ideal components and perfect opener accessories in order to serve the needs of homeowners. We serve this purpose with great garage door services but also with devotion to the requirements of each client. Each and every one of you has different demands in relation to one's lifestyle and expectations. With the abundance in products today and the most excellent manufacturers by our side, we guarantee perfect solutions.

When you want a new Liftmaster door opener, we will show you the options and order it straight from the manufacturer. When you want an expert technician for Genie repair, you can be sure that we have the expertise to fix products of any brand. The repair parts we order for you as well as garage doors and any other product you might need for your garage system, they all come from the top manufacturers. We never settle with second choices and that goes for our own infrastructure as well. We trust to work only with the best technicians and make sure their training is non-stop. Our company in Houston is extremely proud of all its crews and their accomplishments.

We work hard and keep a tight schedule in order to serve our customers as soon as possible even if their problem is not urgent. With same day repairs and responsible technicians, we manage to accomplish our initial goals which are to keep our clients satisfied, safe and happy. Our day begins with your concerns on our minds and our focus throughout the whole day is to see that your problems are solved, damaged parts repaired, and your garage door is fully functional. At the end of the day, we wouldn't ask for anything more since our goals are accomplished with success thanks to our diligence, expertise, and great customer service experience which unavoidably leads to exceptional services.

Local Garage Door Service in Houston

Deal with all overhead door problems which come your way with the use of our professional garage door repair services that are available to anyone in Houston area. The repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions provided by our professionals in Texas are effective and reliable.

Smooth Garage Door Operation in the Winter

Find out how to prepare your garage door and opener for the winter months and how to resolve issues associated with the cold weather effectively, quickly and safely. Follow all tips precisely.

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Learn How To Measure Extension Springs

The smallest mistake might cause complications to the performance of the system since the springs will either fail to stretch properly or will be too loose.

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Commercial garage door services

There is a big array of commercial garage doors sectional steel doors, thermal core, rolling and advanced service doors.

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